Automatic TMT Rolling Mill Cooling Bed Auxiliary Equipment
Automatic TMT Rolling Mill Cooling Bed Auxiliary Equipment
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Automatic TMT Rolling Mill Cooling Bed Auxiliary Equipment


Steel Rolling Mill Auxiliary Equipment is an essential part of the high-speed production line of wire rod and rebar. That including cooling bed, flying shear, speed increasing box, track switcher, side loop, pinch roll, laying head and so on.

Composition: Rolling Mill Cooling Bed consists of a mechanical transmission system, water cooling system, cooling bed working table and fixed support.
Working principle: The finished products are delivered to cooling bed via conveying roller table, and then extracted by the rack step by step, being pushed to the top of cooling bed, to achieve the effect of cooling rolled piece.
Main application: The cooling bed equipment is mainly used for naturally slow on-line cooling of rolled steel plate. In the profile production line, cooling bed also has the function of preventing bending, to prevent irregular curve of profiles through the process of natural cooling due to various quality problems. Areas of application: mainly used in steel industry, metallurgical industry, rebar production line, round production line, etc. 

 Details for automatic TMT Rebar Rolling Mill cooling bed

  • Used for purpose of uniform air-cooling of TMT bars and transporting the same in a phased manner.

  • This transporting is done from the entry of the cooling bed to the discharge side. In this, the front end of the bars is also leveled at the discharge side and a fixed number of bars are sent for final length cutting by cold shear and bundling. 

  • Designed considering the finishing mill stand of the mill and cooling time required for the various sizes of the bar.

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