Industrial Furnace Transformers
Industrial Furnace Transformers
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The industrial furnace transformer refers to a power source for various metal, ore smelting, heat treatment, alloy preparation, electroslag reflow furnace. The industrial furnace transformer is one of the main electrical devices of the furnace. Its function is to reduce the input high voltage of 10~110kV (or higher) to 100~1200V and output it, which is used to generate a large current power for industrial furnace.

The industrial furnace transformer is widely used for voltage change, current change, impedance transformation, isolation, voltage regulator (magnetic saturation transformer), etc. It is a proper voltage rectifier supply system;

It is to minimize the waveform distortion caused by rectifying system of power grid pollution.


The industrial furnace transformer is mainly composed of core, coil, fuel tank,  insulating sleeve, and oil pillow. The core of the industrial furnace transformer mostly adopts three-phase core structure, the core structure consumes less material, and the manufacturing process is relatively simple. The core frame of the transformer consists of iron column, iron yoke, and clamping mechanism. The magnetizer is a vertical frame consisting of three iron cores, lower iron yokes, and upper iron yokes, with the coil placed on the iron core. The iron yoke connects the iron cores and forms a three-core magnetic circuit together with the iron core. The role of the iron core is to conduct magnetism, which is formed by stacking silicon steel sheets. Silicon steel sheets have high magnetic permeability, and the large resistivity can reduce the energy loss caused by eddy currents. In order to reduce eddy current losses in the silicon steel sheet, both sides of the silicon steel sheet are painted or covered with paper insulation.

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(1) Primary rated voltage. This voltage is the voltage applied to the primary coil of the transformer by the power supply network, that is, the standard voltage of the power supply network, mainly 6kV, 10kV, 35kV and 110kV.

(2) Secondary voltage. The secondary voltage is also referred to as the low side voltage. Its size and its number depend mainly on the requirements of the steelmaking process, and its range is generally between 100 and 1200V.

(3) Rated current. Regardless of the type of connection of the transformer, the rated current in the low-voltage side coil remains constant; and the current in the high-voltage coil changes as the secondary current changes.

(4) Rated capacity. The capacity at the highest secondary voltage is defined as the rated capacity of the electric arc furnace transformer.

(5) Power supply frequency. In China, the power frequency f = 50Hz.

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(1) The transformation ratio is large, the primary voltage is high and the secondary voltage is low.

(2) The secondary current is large, up to several thousand to one million amps.

(3) The secondary voltage can be adjusted to meet the needs of the smelting process.

(4) The overload capacity is large, and the transformer is required to have a short-term overload capability of 20%, which will not affect the life of the transformer due to the general temperature rise.

(5) It has high mechanical strength and can withstand the mechanical stress caused by the inrush current and short-circuit current.

(6) The maximum temperature of the transformer is less than 95 °C.

(7) The primary (high voltage) coil of the electric arc furnace transformer can be connected to Y shape and △ shape, and the secondary (low voltage) coil can only be connected to △ shape.


◆Electrical performance stability, High degree of dynamic stability

Good thermal stability, overloading ability

Superior performance indicators

Power saving effect is obvious, low noise

To simplify structure, beautiful appearance; Tank adopts the design of seepage prevention of process, can prevent tank leakage.

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