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Laying Head
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The laying head is the key equipment of the high-speed wire production line.  It is arranged after the finishing mill. 

The main components of the laying head are the scroll and the spindle. The hollow main shaft is a double-supported overhang type. The A end is supported by a double-row ball bearing, and the B end is supported by a cylindrical roller bearing. The upper main gear, the jacket, the scroll, the wire tube are connected with the main shaft. Both the motor and the high-speed shaft are supported by rolling bearings. The whole body is supported by four points on the left and right sides of the lower part of the box.

The high-speed wire rod laying head is a horizontal structure, which is located between the water-cooling box and the cold-controlled roller table that controls the cooling line after the finishing mill. The laying head consists of transmission parts, hollow shafts, spinning discs, spinning pipes, bevel gears and other components. The laying head is driven by a motor, and the hollow shaft is rotated by a pair of bevel gears engaged in the gear box. The spinning tube is mounted on the spinning disc, and the spinning disc is connected with the hollow shaft by bolts.

It is the horizontal arrangement structure and the center line slopes down ten degrees. It consists of spinneret which is installed in the rotation dabber and transmission actuator. There is one DC adjustable-speed motor that could drive the rotating spindle through a pair of bevel gear wheel. The spinning pipe can spin regular wire coil on the basis of setting revolving speed.

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●Type:  Horizontal type wire discharger

Wire diameter: 5.5~14mm 

Circle diameter: 1080mm

Maximum spinning speed: 90m/s

Speed increasing ratio: 1.289

Motor: DC Z4-250-41 

Motor power:110kW

Motor speed:  750/1500 r/min

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Working Process

When the laying head is working, the pinch roller in front of the laying machine is fed into the hollow shaft of the laying machine through the inlet duct of the laying machine, and the hollow shaft drives the spinning disc and the spinning tube to rotate together to enter the hollow shaft. The wire is spat out through the rotating spinning tube along the tangential direction of the circumference of the outlet of the spinning tube and is smoothly poured onto the air-cooled roller path to form a continuous coil.

When the wire passes through the spinning pipe which rotates at a high speed, the positive pressure of the pipe wall of the spinning pipe, the sliding friction force, the thrust of the finishing mill and the pinch roller, and the centrifugal force of the wire are gradually deformed with the shape of the spinning pipe. The linear motion gradually bends and reaches the required curvature at the outlet of the spinning tube to form a spiral coil, which is evenly and smoothly formed into a loop.

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