Rolling Mill Roller Box

Rolling Mill Roller Box
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Rolling mill roller box is composed of roller box main case, plate, (left and right)roll shaft, 8-shaped panel, (left and right)eccentric locking collar parts, taper sleeve, adjustment feed screw, and nut.

Rolling mill roller box is made of carbon steel to make sure the intensity of the roller box. And use the annealing aging treatment to guarantee the stability of casting. It is not allowed to have holes, sand holes or cracks after roughing. Every hole of the main case is designed with high accuracy to ensure the total accuracy and the interchangeability & versatility between the panel and main case. Rear side plate and front plate use No.45 steel to temper. The main case, rear side plate and front plate used high accuracy machining tool( such as NC working center) to ensure the high accuracy requirement of the location of eccentric locking collar and roll shaft.

The Roll shaft used low carbon alloy steel blank, after roughing, axis needs to take ultrasonic flaw detection process to quench. In order to ensure the tooth surface with high hardness, tooth surface need to take carburizing and quenching treatment after semi-finishing. The fine grind of every round and the back of axis ensure its accuracy & durableness with taper sleeve and tooth surface. When the production process of the roll shaft finished, we need to take the balance test to ensure the rotary accuracy during roll shaft's high-speed rotation(7500 Rev/min). 

Eccentric locking collar uses carbon steel workpiece, inner diameter and eccentric round used fine machining tool to ensure the eccentric distance and accuracy of inner and outer diameter. Therefore, the adjustment accuracy of the roll gap and the Interchangeability of every eccentric locking collar are ensured. 

The front panel, real plate and internal parts are mostly made of medium carbon steel and processed by hard chrome plating and anti-corrosion treatment to increase the lifetime. 

To make sure the assembly accuracy of rolling mill roller box can reach the design requirement, a four-hour idling high-speed trial is conducted upon the assembly of roller box and bevel gearbox, a smooth and stable sound and no oil leakage from the joint surface are necessary.   

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Max distanceMin distanceDrive side clearanceWorking side clearanceEqual heightFixed torque
170(6'' roller box)174.66153.50.19-0.340.18-0.3632.4±0.0560N/m
230(8'' roller box)2342050.19-0.340.19-0.3632.4±0.0560N/m
285(10'' roller box)2912550.21-0.390.18-0.4065±0.0490N/m

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Maintenance of the Rolling Mill Roller Box

1. Reasons for water intake in roller box:

(1). Labial edge contact is not good, or aging, wear, water intake.

(2). Lip compression is insufficient, the seal is not good enough to enter the water, compression requirements 2 mm.

(3). The seal ring of the roller box is broken, which causes water inflow.

2. What needs to be noticed in the on-line inspection of the roller box:

(1). Hear the change of sound and vibration value.

(2). Measure the temperature of the oil ejection ring.

(3). Check whether the lips are aged or damaged.

(4). Whether the test clearance is within the standard range.

(5). Super-low temperature steel is prohibited.

(6). It is forbidden to damage the copper nut by adjusting the pressure under load.

(7). Strictly according to the requirements of the regulations, roll-loading rings, to ensure that each oil-throwing ring is tightened.

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