Speed Reducer
Speed Reducer
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We are rolling mills and continuous casting machine manufacturer in China, which the final products are round bar, deformed bar and wire rod. There will be good cooperation chance If you 
- Have the raw material of billet or steel scraps
- Want to build a steel factory
- Don't know how to process or design the production line
- Want to add the production line
- Want to purchase the accessories
- Want to reduce the invest budgets since the high cost from European countries and long term RIO period

Rolling mill reducer box is  a relative precision machinery used to reduce rotate speed and increase torque to meet the customer's requirement.

Housing: Casting house

Material: Alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.

Dimension:As request

Application: Metallurgical equipment, steel mill

Heat treatment: Normalized, annealed, oth


- High quality
- Simple operation
- Good performance
- Reliable technical support and service

speed reducer

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