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Transmission Gearbox
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Transmission gearbox refers to an independent closed transmission between the prime mover and the working machine, which is used to reduce the rotating speed and increase the torque accordingly. In addition, in some cases, there are also speed-increasing devices, also known as speed increaser.

Vertical and horizontal transmission box composed of Transmission box, passive gear shaft, transmission gear shaft, oil box, bearing and support base of bearing.

There are many kinds of transmission gearboxes. If the gearboxes are classified according to their transmission and structural characteristics, there are five kinds of gearboxes as follows:

(1) Gear gearboxes, mainly cylindrical gearboxes, bevel gearboxes and conical-cylindrical gearboxes.

(2) Worm transmission gearbox, mainly cylindrical worm gearbox, toroidal worm gearbox and worm-gear side gearbox.

(3) Planetary transmission gearbox.

(4) Cycloid pinwheel transmission gearbox.

(5) Harmonic gear transmission gearbox.

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Box is welded with thick steel with great quality to reach the high intensity and heavy load capacity that the case required. Case should take stress aging treatment before the produce to reach the stability that needed. In order to ensure the installation precise standard, box need to adopt total assemble produce.

Transmission gear shaft and passive gear shaft use carbon steel parts to forge, Tooth surface using the carburizing techniques to achieve high hardness, in order to make sure the loading and big twist distance requirement of gear. After finishing the installation, the balancing test is needed to take, the speed should be 600r / min, the balance level is G6.3 to satisfy the demand precise of using.

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Main transmission gearbox of rolling mill

Large rolling mills are usually equipped with large main gearboxes, the center distance of which is more than 1.5m. With the adoption of speed regulating motor and the development of continuous rolling technology, the use of large gearbox is decreasing.

Expanded two-stage cylindrical gear transmission

This gearbox is the simplest and most widely used one of the two-stage gearboxes. The gear is asymmetrical relative to the supporting position. When the shaft deforms, the load distribution on the gear is not uniform. Therefore, the shaft should be designed with greater stiffness and keep the gear away from the input end or the output end.

Two-stage conical-cylindrical gearbox

Single-stage bevel gearbox and two-stage bevel-cylindrical gearbox are used in transmission requiring 90D configuration of input shaft and output shaft. Because large bevel gears are difficult to manufacture, bevel gears are always used as the high-speed stage of bevel-cylindrical gearbox (with less load) to reduce its size and improve manufacturing accuracy.

Coaxial two-stage cylindrical gearbox

The radial dimension of coaxial two-stage cylindrical gearbox is compact, but the radial dimension is larger. When it is required that the input and output axle ends must be placed on the same axis, it is very convenient to use this gearbox. This kind of gearbox is often used when the total distance between the center and the center is 100-1000mm.

Worm transmission gearbox

The worm gearbox is characterized by large transmission ratio, stable operation, low noise, but low efficiency when the outer dimension is small.

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