Vertical Continuous Casting Machine
Vertical Continuous Casting Machine
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Vertical continuous casting machine is a type of continuous cast steel in which the entire process of casting and slab solidification is carried out in a vertical state. 

The vertical continuous casting machine of the intermediate tank, the crystallizer, the secondary cooling zone, straightening machine, the cutting equipment, and the acceptance of the slab blank are all arranged on a vertical centerline.

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Nowadays continuous caster used in industrial, on the basis of many years - casting control of practice, we constantly updated, providing customers with high reliability, high humane basic automation software. Through HMI, customers can intuitively understand the operation of equipment and the state of the continuous casting machine.


●Simplify the production process. 

Due to the continuous casting process can be omitted Primary Rolling, not only saves energy soaking furnace heating, but also from molten steel to shorten the cycle time into a billet.

Increase the metal yield. 

For the cost of expensive special steel, stainless steel, continuous casting the casting method, its economic value is greater

Saving energy consumption. 

Improve working conditions, easy to automate.

Good quality of cast strands. 

Since the casting cooling speed, continuous casting, casting conditions are controlled, stable, and therefore a uniform slab internal organization of dense, small segregates, performance and stability.

vertical continuous casting machinevertical continuous casting machine

Process parameters

Model: Vertical continuous casting machine

Number of casting strands: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Casting machine radius: 6, 8, 10m

Billet specifications: billet: 80*80, 90*90, 100*100, 120*120, 150*150, 180*180, 200*200, 240*240mm

Rectangular billet: (120 ~ 200) (240 ~ 600)

Working speed: 0.6~1.2 m/min

Annual output: 10 to 150,000 tons / flow

Spill rate: ≤0.1%

Continuous pouring time: ≥8h

Continunous casting machineVertical continuous casting mill


1. Conducive to the floating of inclusions: It can produce special steel with high cleanliness.

The molten steel is injected into the vertical crystallizer from the intermediate tank. Large particles inclusions and some small inclusions in the molten steel may float to the surface. When the mold is poured, the inclusions may be absorbed by the protective slag, and the inclusions remaining in the slab are retained. The distribution is relatively uniform, and there is no occurrence of the inclusion of inclusions in the slab during arc-type continuous casting.

2. The cooling of the slab is uniform and the symmetry of the solidified structure is good.

3. The billet is not subjected to external forces such as bending and straightening in the solidification process and in the casting machine. There is no crack defect caused by mechanical stress inside the billet, and since the static pressure of the molten steel is large, it is easy to solidify and shrink. Continuous casting is suitable for casting alloy steel and steel with high crack sensitivity.

4. The range of castable steel grades is expanded. Such as high-temperature alloy, high-speed steel, die steel, micro-alloyed steel; curved high-carbon, high-alloy W, Ni, and medium-high Mn steel.

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