Vertical Continuous Casting Machine
Vertical Continuous Casting Machine
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As a professional China vertical continuous casting machine manufacturer and equipped with a famous factory and plant, as well as providing with vertical continuous casting machine for sale, welcome to check the process and layout with Hani New Energy and Technology.

CCM machine/ Vertical continuous casting machine 

Details Description : 

Nowadays continuous caster used in industrial , On the basis of many years - casting control of practice, we constantly updated, providing customers with high reliability, high humane basic automation software. Through HMI, customers can intuitively understand the operation of equipment and state Caster.

Features for the CCM machine :

●Simplify the production process. Due to the continuous casting process can be omitted Primary Rolling, not only saves energy soaking furnace heating, but also from molten steel to shorten the cycle time into a billet.

Increase the metal yield. For the cost of expensive special steel, stainless steel, continuous casting the casting method, its economic value is greater

Saving energy consumption. 

Improve working conditions, easy to automate.

Good quality of cast strands. Since the casting cooling speed, continuous casting, casting conditions are controlled, stable, and therefore a uniform slab internal organization of dense, small segregates, performance and stability.

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Vertical continuous casting machine

Vertical continuous casting machine in China

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