Intermediate Frequency Furnace

Intermediate Frequency Furnace
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The intermediate frequency furnace equipment type: new super energy saving type.

The intermediate frequency furnace equipment is a power saving product and adopts a half-bridge series inverter intermediate frequency power supply. The electric furnace is capable of outputting rated power regardless of the cold state, the hot state, the addition of half charge or full material, and the power factor is constant at 0.98. It has the characteristics of fast melting speed, low energy consumption, and stable and reliable operation. The speed equipment consists of a series resonant intermediate frequency power supply and two coreless steel shell induction melting furnaces and auxiliary equipment required for the normal operation of the system.

A series resonant dual output power supply with two electric furnaces can work at the same time (commonly known as one to two), that is, the output power can be randomly distributed between the two furnace bodies, and the two furnace bodies can be simultaneously powered, one insulation, a smelt.

intermediate frequency furnaceintermediate frequency furnace

Equipment Composition  


The equipment mainly comprises a rectifier transformer, an intermediate frequency power supply, a series inverter, a steel shell furnace body, a closed loop cooling water system, a PLC auxiliary melting management system and the like. The PLC-assisted smelting management system not only displays real-time data and information of power supply operation, but also displays the operating status and information of the entire system, and has an automatic oven, cold furnace start, fault diagnosis, fault information display and storage, and operation information display. , system status display and other functions.

Basic configuration: Rectifier transformer ZS-2000KVA 6-phase 12-pulse transformer, two steel shell furnaces, one series inverter intermediate frequency power supply, two sets of inverter compensation capacitors, and the power supply structure is a 6-phase 12-pulse double-rectifier series inverter structure. The tilting method is hydraulically reversed with a remote control box.

When designing the equipment, the user's on-site working status is considered to be continuous, and the furnace is frequently discharged. The equipment selection of this scheme ensures the user's output index and meets the user's overall requirements for the equipment: the equipment is durable and stable, safe and reliable.


The rectifier transformer is a special transformer for rectifying power supply for medium frequency electric furnace, and the overload type 1.6 times ZS11-2000KVA 6-phase 12-pulse structure transformer. The transformer (full copper core oil immersion type) has strong overload capability, maximum overload capacity, 3000KVA, less harmonic current, and good cooling effect. The advantage of using this transformer is the cost of the seat.

Intermediate Frequency Furnace Working Mode

1. One set of the furnace body is melted and the other set is spared.

2. A set of furnace melting, one furnace insulation (refining), insulation power ≤ 200KW / furnace. 

    In this state, the melting time (3T molten steel to 1650 ° C) ≤ 60 minutes.

3. Two furnace bodies are simultaneously smelted and produced.

Medium frequency furnaceintermediate frequency furnaces


Main technical indicators of series inverter energy-saving 3T/3000kw one-to-two intermediate frequency furnace

Comprehensive Parameter

Serial numberItem
Standard Requirements
1Equipment formIntermediate frequency melting furnace
2Equipment useUsed for melting carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc.
3Rated Capacity3T
4Maximum capacity3T+10%
5Operating temperature1500 ° C
6Smelting materialCast steel, cast iron
7Lower discharge modeHydraulic: hydraulic control
8Working noise<85 decibels
9Furnace structureSteel shell
10Melting rate3.3T/h
11Release temperature1500 °C ± 20 ° C
12Melting power consumption

≤550±5% kW.h/t cast steel

≤520±5% kW.h/t cast iron

13Melting time40-45 minutes / furnace

Electrical Parameter

Serial NumberItemStandard Requirements
1Power supply3000kw / 6 phase 12 pulse 3T
2Number of rectifiers12 pulse
3InverterSCR series inverter
4Rated frequencyAbove 500Hz
5Line voltage660V
6IF voltage3000V
7Start success rate100%
8Power factorGreater than 0.96

Rectifier Transformer Technical Parameters


Overload type ZS11-2000KVA/10KV/950v

Rated CapacitySe=2000kva (3000KVA)
Primary voltageU1=10000V±5% 6 phase 50HZ
Primary currentI1=115A
Secondary voltageU2=950Vx2
Secondary currentI2=874*2
Pressure regulation methodFive-speed non-excitation manual voltage regulation
Connection groupD/d. -yn11
Impedance voltageZ75o=6.5%

Intermediate Frequency Furnace Transformersinduction furnace transformers


Series type one to two intermediate frequency furnace equipment features:

(1) The rectifier circuit is always in the all-on state, and the boost power is realized by adjusting the current of the series inverter bridge. Therefore, the entire operation process (including low power, medium power, high power) can ensure that the equipment is always in a high-efficiency stage.

(2) Equipment power factor ≥ 98%. The higher harmonics meet the standard without interference to the grid.

(3) Parallel line power adjustment is by adjusting the rectification conduction angle, so at low power, the power system power factor is very low, generally 40%-80%; high harmonics are large, seriously disturbing the power grid, in order to overcome the above Disadvantages, so our company specially designed a series inverter FM power supply to meet user needs. Features small size and low installation cost. The operation is simple and convenient. The preheating and smelting of the two furnaces are carried out simultaneously.

(4) The full load starting success rate is 100%. The ability to simultaneously mass produce two sets of electric furnaces.

(5) One medium frequency power supply can work with two furnaces at the same time, the power can be distributed arbitrarily, and there is no need to change the furnace switching mechanism.

(6) Constant power output, if the voltage of the grid is increased or decreased, the power output can be kept constant, and the full power output can be ensured.

(7) The power frequency of the power grid does not need to be compensated. Uninterrupted smelting can be maintained or raised at an accurate temperature as needed.

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