Iron Making Machine / Medium Frequency Furnace
Iron Making Machine / Medium Frequency Furnace
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As a professional China iron making machine manufacturer and equipped with a famous factory and plant, as well as providing with iron making machine for sale, welcome to check the process and layout with Hani New Energy and Technology.

Iron making machine / Medium Frequency Furnace
Steel making main process:

Blast furnace molten iron to iron pre-treatment, the combined-blowing converter steel-making to refining outside the furnace, continuous casting and hot rolling.

●Methods of steel making includes converter, electric arc furnace and open hearth.ow widely adopted more advanced oxygen top-blown converter process.
●Oxygen top-blown converter steel making equipment, In accordance with requirements of the ingredients, put such as scrap steel charging first, and then poured into the molten iron, and adding suitable amount of slag making materials (such as lime, etc.). After feeding, insert the oxygen lance from the top into the furnace, blowing oxygen purity (greater than 99% of the hyperbaric oxygen airflow), making it directly oxidizing reaction with high temperature of molten iron, remove the impurities. In pure oxygen instead of air can be overcome because of the effect of the nitrogen in the air and make the steel brittle, and take away heat when nitrogen discharge faults. After remove most of the sulfur, phosphorus, when required by the molten steel composition and temperature are achieved, namely stop blowing, increase spray gun, ready for tapping. Tilting furnace body at the time of the steel, steel tapping hole injection in ladle, deoxidization and adjust the ingredients to join deoxidizer. Qualified molten steel, can produce steel casting or ingot, steel ingot can be rolled into a variety of steel products.
●Electric furnace steel making, the heat source is the power of electric arc furnace steelmaking eaf is made of graphite electrodes, between the end of the electrode and burden can emit strong arc, similar to what we see lightning, has a very high heat.
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iron making equipment

iron making process

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