Reheating Furnace

Reheating Furnace
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Reheating furnace heating is an important process of rolling products, it is mainly used for heating the billets in rolling mill line. And heating temperature control directly affects the quality of rolled steel products. 

The reheating furnace consists of a heating furnace body, a cooling system, a combustion system, an inlet and outlet, a smoke exhaust system, a preheating recovery system, and an automatic control system. 

Usually, the fuel of the furnace is gaseous fuel, natural gas, heavy oil or pulverized coal, some burning lump coal, etc. And it's divided into two types: push steel type reheating furnace and walking beam reheating furnace.


Structure and Composition

According to the furnace temperature distribution, the furnace is divided into a preheating section, a heating section and a soaking section along the length direction.

The feed end temperature is lower than the preheating section, and its function is to utilize the heat of the furnace gas to improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace.

The heating section is the main heating section, and the furnace gas temperature is higher to facilitate rapid heating.

The soaking section is located at the discharge end, and the difference between the furnace gas temperature and the metal material temperature is small, and the cross-section temperature of the discharged billet is uniform.

reheating furnacereheating furnace


Easily control the temperature, uniform heating

Small burning loss, flexible delivery

◆The high automatic degree that assures quality and enables production in a semi-automatic and automatic machine.

Length of furnace is not restricted, high output.


rebar mill reheating furnacereheating furnace

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