Advantages of Electric Arc Furnace for Steelmaking

A 100% scrap metal feedstock can be made into steel by the use of an electric arc furnace, which can significantly reduce the required energy to make steel compared to primary steelmaking from ores. Flexibility is another benefit. We know those blast furnaces cannot change its production very often and can be kept running for years, while EAFs can be started and stopped quickly, allowing the steel mill change its production based on the demand. Generally, scrap steel is the primary feedstock of steelmaking arc furnaces, but if it's economically available for hot metal from a blast furnace or direct-reduced iron, these materials can also be used as furnace feed. Since large amounts of electrical power are required to EAFs, many companies tried to take advantage of off-peak electricity pricing during their operations.

The source of steel for a mini-mill is the typical steelmaking arc furnace, and bars or strip product can be made by the use of mini-mill. The location of mini-mills can near to the markets of steel products to some extent, and the requirements of transport are lower than the integrated mill, which may be sited near a harbor for the convenience of shipping.  

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