Alloy Carbon Steels

One of the purposes of alloy carbon steel is to improve the quality and physical properties of carbon steel. Many carbon steels have other alloys mixed in such as chrome, molybdenum, vanadium, manganese, silicon, and many other elements. The purpose of alloy carbon steel can be many. However, it is exceedingly difficult to weld high carbon alloy steels because when the weld cools, the carbon steel near the weld becomes very hard, making the steel under the weld unsatisfactory. The only way to weld high carbon steel is to preheat the steel before gets welding, however, this destroys the integrity of the steel. The mill must add columbium or niobium in the steel so that it is strong and welds quickly without becoming brittle. Many ships, tanks, towers, etc. are welded with alloy carbon steels.   

All alloy carbons steels become harder (100,000 to 300,000 PSI yield strength) after being rolled, reduced and annealed for further rolling.

Carbon steels and stainless steels can be made into almost any alloy. An alloy is the mixture of almost any element. The most common high strength, high yield alloy is a chrome moly alloy such as AISI 4140 or 4340. These alloys are commonly used in steel plate and are quenched and tempered. To reduce these steels, cold working or work hardening is a factor to consider because, like stainless and high carbon steels, the material increases substantially in yield strength when reducing.

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