Construction Features of Pinch roll & Wire discharger

Pinch roll and wire discharger are the closely adjacent semi-open system. Pinch roll is arranged before the entrance of wire discharger and transportation of gripping rolled piece into wire discharger. Then wire discharger will transform the gripping rolled piece to heliciform rolled piece which diameter is 1080mm and flat the rolled out to the scattered coils cooling roll table.

Pinch roll:

It is the horizontal cantilever structure. It has a double roll device and one air cylinder which is used to control roll up and down synchronous clamp. Pinch roll DC motor is used to improve drive speed by two-stage cylindrical gear. Up and down roll is installed respectively at two swing arm. There is one air cylinder which drives the up and down rolls synchronous close to or leaves rolling line by a group of crank-link mechanism. 

There is equipped with adjustable limit equipment to adjust pinch roll max opening degree and minimum center distance between up and down rolling so that could adjust the clamping force and wire rod not to fast simultaneously. Pinch roll drive gearbox used welding structure. The gear and bearings used thin oil central lubrication process. And the bearings are used filmatic bearing and high-speed roll thrust bearing. Pinch roll is long running at regular work and its speed is set by process requirement. Pinch roll can clamp the head, end or whole wire rod on the basis of process requirement.

Pich Roll

Wire discharger /  Laying Head

It is the vertical cantilever structure and the center line slopes down ten degrees. It consists of a spinning pipe which is installed in the rotation dabber and gearing. There is one DC adjustable-speed motor that could drive the rotation dabber through a pair of bevel gear wheel. The spinning pipe can spin regular wire coil on the basis of setting revolving speed.

Wire discharger rotation dabber consists of a spinning head and hollow shaft. The spinning head is used to fixation spinning pipe and hollow shaft. And the hollow shaft would be driven by bevel gear in the driving box. There is a pipe among the internal of bevel gear. And there is water-cooling drivepipe between the pipe and hollow shaft. Water-cooling drivepipe is used for cooling the pipe and it will protect the bearings of the hollow shaft to keep away from the high temperature of rolled piece. 

Wire discharger drive gearbox used welding structure. The gear and bearings used thin oil central lubrication process.

The safety guard is the cylinder structure and the spinning head is installed in it. Its incline design is for security. The top half of safety guard can be opened by the air cylinder for changing the spinning pipe but its must been closed at regular work. It should be processed static balancing test for all of the equipment with rotation dabber. Then we can increase or decrease the weight of them on the basis of testing. After the static balancing test, it should be processed dynamic balance test which measures data are: testing rotate speed: 1900r/min, dynamic balance quality: G2.5. There are two test points in the front and back bearing cap when the wire discharger is assembled you could test vibration data on the two points. And the test vibration measure data is 5mm/s.

Wire Discharger