Continuous Rolling Equipment

The billet out of the steel refinery is half finished product, it needs to be rolled in the rolling mill to become the finished product, the finished product from hot rolling mill can be defined as two types, coil, and plate. After hot rolling mill, the thickness is normally several mm, if users asked for a thinner plate, it needs to be cold rolled continuously.

The purpose of continues rolling is to roll the billet into the required steel type.

Tech Process

Continuous rolling tech process

Continuous Rolling Equipment

Heating furnace

In the metallurgical industry, furnace is normally used as an industrial furnace to heating up the metal into a forging temperature, including continues heating furnace and chamber heating furnace, metal heating treatment is using heating furnace also called as heating treatment furnace, the temperature is even before the roughing rolling is called pit furnace, broadly speaking, the heating furnace includes pit furnace and heating furnace.

Roughing mill

After the billet being heated, it will be rolled to the roughing mill, then intermediate mill, then finishing mill, then finished product, roughing mill size defined the biggest processing capability of billet size.

Intermediate mill

The intermediate mill is after roughing mill, before the finishing mill, the rolling metal size is normally between 300mm~400mm.

Finishing mill

Finishing mill is the last process of the rolling process, after finishing mill, the product will be cut and cool down, then it turns into the finished product.

Flying shear

Flying shear is according to sizing cut off process technology, flying shear is the equipment that can quickly cut the iron plate, steel tube off, normally used in the rolling mill, paper making the industrial process.

Straightening machine

Steel straightening machine is used to straighten the steel like rebar, tube, wire rod, it press the rebar force it to change the straightness, normally has tow smoothing roll, two rolls straightener, use the angle variation to straighten difference material, the main type has press straightener, balance straightener, roll straightener, rotate inflection straightener.

Recoiling machine

Recoiling machine is used to make the finished product out of the finishing mill into the coil, after the finishing then through the cooling table, to the normal temperature, then make it into the coil by the recoil machine, the cooled down coil will be made to different type according to the customers’ requirement.


The uncoiler is the first process after the coil from hot rolling into cold rolling, also means to open the coil after the hot rolling process.