Development of Wire Rod Rolling Mill

Development Direction of Wire Rod Rolling Mill

1. Flexible Rolling Technology: In order to reduce the shutdown time of wire rod rolling mill, people have studied the flexible rolling technology, which rapidly changes the rolling schedule and product specifications by means of non-pass rolling and common pass rolling. 

2. High Precision Rolling: The diameter tolerance of wire rod has a great influence on deep processing, and the user's requirement for the size accuracy of the wire rod is getting higher and higher. In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of wire rod products, the common methods at present are to strictly control the high and wide dimensions of the rolled piece by using the true round pass and three-roll pass, or to set up a special sizing unit after the finished pass, and to adopt the AGC system of automatic size control, etc. 

3. Continue to Improve the Rolling Speed: Wire rod requires a large disc, but its cross-sectional area is very small, so the length of the wire rod is very long. In order to ensure the temperature difference between head and tail, only high-speed rolling is used for such small cross-sectional rolling products. 

4. Low-Temperature Rolling: In wire rod rolling mill, from roughing rolling to finishing rolling, the temperature drop of the rolled piece is very small, even will rise. In the process of production practice, there are many problems, such as the quality of products declining because of the high finishing temperature. Low-temperature rolling can not only reduce energy consumption but also improve product quality and create great economic benefits. 

5. Endless Rolling: Its main functions and characteristics are reducing shear loss, 100% sizing, increasing productivity, no impact on guide position and pass, and high dimensional accuracy.

6. Slit Rolling: Its main characteristics are greatly increasing production, expanding product specifications, and under the same conditions, using slit rolling can reduce the heating temperature of billet by about 40 C, fuel consumption by about 15%, and roll consumption by about 15%.

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