Eight Points for Rolling Mill

1. The time of rolling mill's point movement must not exceed one second. The screw-down worm wheel should be adjusted in place, and the adjustments on both sides should be completely equal, so as to avoid the phenomenon of side bending of the tie piece.。

2. When operating a cold rolling mill, there should be a special guardian, so that no one can appear, in order to avoid equipment failure can not be found in time.

3. Normally, the single cold rolling mill should not exceed 40% of the thickness of the aluminum sheet in a single press.

4. There must be no sundries on the rolling mill production line.

5. According to the material quality of the incoming material and the rolling mill capacity, adjust the reduction and pass.

6. When using the cold rolling mill, the relevant technical parameters should be in full conformity with the requirements, and should not appear in the state of the load operation.

7. Rollers should not be worn seriously. If they are found to be worn, they should be replaced in time.

8. During the whole rolling process, if the surface quality of the tied piece is affected by the wear of the roll, or when the size and accuracy of the roll are affected, the roll should be replaced immediately. After replacing the roll, the start-up operation should be ensured for 2-3 minutes.

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