Features of High-Speed Wire Rod Mills

Features of High-Speed Wire Rod Mills

In general, wire rod mills whose rolling speed is greater than 40m/s (a basic feature of distinguishing high-speed wire rod mill from the ordinary wire rod mill) are called high-speed wire rod mills.

Production Process Features of High-speed Wire Rod Mills:

Continuous rolling, high-speed, non-twisting rolling and controlled cooling. High-speed rolling is the main process characteristics (in addition, single line, micro-tension, combination structure, tungsten carbide roll ring, and automation).

High-Speed Non-Torsional Finishing Rolling

High-speed non-twist finishing rolling technology is one of the core technologies in modern wire rod mill production line. It is an effective means to solve the problems existing in various wire rod mills in the past, and comprehensively solve the problems of multi-product specifications, high cross-section size accuracy, large coil, and high productivity.

Only high finishing speed can have high productivity and solve the problem of temperature drop in the heavy wire rolling process. The high speed of finish rolling requires that there is no torsion in the rolling process. Otherwise, accidents occur frequently and rolling cannot be carried out at all. Therefore, high-speed non-twist finishing rolling is a basic feature of high-speed wire rod mills.

The features of high-speed wire rod mill production on schedule process are basically divided into three major processes (can be subdivided into six processes 0), namely, raw material heating, rolling and cooling control, finishing product warehouse. The rolling process area includes the area from the heater outlet to the spinning machine area. The main equipment in the rolling area is the main mill (including transmission) on the tie-up line, as well as some auxiliary equipment (flying shears, loopers, pinch rolls, air-cooled rollers), Morgan 5 generations 45-degree finishing mill, water-cooled and air-cooled Stelmore controlled cooling process.

Features of high-speed wire rod products:

The disc is of great weight, high precision, and excellent performance.

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