Flying Shear of Rolling Mills

The flying shear is a type of shear that laterally shears moving parts. The flying shears are mainly used to the cut medium and small billets, thin slabs, small sections (bars) and hot and cold rolled strips (including coated). It is also used to chop the edge of the plate cut by the disc cutter (ie, the edger).

Because the flying shears are characterized by the ability to cut the moving parts in the transverse direction. Fixed-length flying shears should ensure good cutting quality, that is, accurate cutting length, neat cutting surface and wide range of fixed length adjustment, and certain cutting speed. Therefore, the structure and performance of the flying shear must meet the following basic requirements during the shearing process:

(1) The moving parts that can be cut and moved, the quality of the sheared section must comply with the relevant provisions of the national standards. That is, the flying shear is required to have a reasonable shearing mechanism.

(2) It can cut the rolled piece into the specified length and can cut a variety of fixed lengths on the same flying shear. The dimensional tolerance meets the requirements of national standards (for the cutting head flying shear requirements can be accurately cut in the specified Part). This requires the flying shear to have an accurate length adjustment mechanism.

(3) It can meet the requirements of mill or unit productivity.

(4) The speed of the flying shear must be adapted to the speed of the rolling stock to ensure the quality of the rolled stock and prevent equipment accidents.

Rolling Mill Flying Shear