Functions of Rolling Mill Flying Shear Machine

Functions of Flying Shear Machine:

1. Plc is controlling all the logical operations.

2. Rollers are running through DC servo motor.

3. Rollers are pushing wire as a cutting material in forwarding direction.

4. Shaft Encoder is attached with dc motor which counts the length of the wire

5. The movement of the cutter is done through the AC induction motor.

6. The Induction motor is attached vertically to screw spindle and the weight of motor used as a load on the cutter.

7. Limit switches sense the movement of the cutter

Rolling mill flying shears are used for cutting applications, where the endless material to be cut to length cannot be stopped during the cutting process and the cut must be effected “on the fly”. The mechanical construction provides a saw or shear system mounted on a carriage, that follows the material with synchronous speed while cutting is in progress, and then returns to a home position to wait for the next cut. The Rolling mill flying shears control is based on a PLC. The system has been designed for the special requirements of flying shears under consideration of maximum efficiency and accuracy at minimum stress for all mechanical parts. 

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