High-speed Wire Rod Mill Bearing Features

In recent years, dozens of high-speed wire rod mill production lines have been introduced abroad, with discharge speeds ranging from 63 to 100 m / s, and annual production is mostly between 60 × 104 and 100 × 104 tons. Due to the special nature of the high-speed rolling mill, more stringent requirements are imposed on the bearings used.


High-speed Wire Rod Mill Bearing Features


1. High Reliability

The most notable feature of the high-speed wire rod mill production line is the high reliability of the continuous operation of the mill. Due to the high unit output value of the high-speed wire rod mill production line, bearings that are required as key components of the mill have higher reliability than conventional mill bearings in the specified inspection cycle.

If the bearing fails, the entire production line will be discontinued, which the manufacturer cannot tolerate. Therefore, the reliability of continuous operation under high-speed operating conditions should be ensured when planning and manufacturing high-speed rolling mill bearings.


2. Abrasion Resistance

High-speed wire rod rolling mill bearings have strong wear resistance and can be adapted to high-speed rotary operation. For example, a high-speed line with an exit line speed of 63 m / s and an exit roll with a working diameter of 330 mm, the bearing running speed is 3650 r / min, long-term operation under high speed and heavy load, and wear resistance to the bearing. This will be a severe test.

This requires bearings to have wear resistance requirements.


3. Long Fatigue Life

High-speed wire rod mill bearings have a long service life. Under normal circumstances, the high-speed wire rod rolling mill bearings supplied abroad are used for three years (because the roller assembly is unloaded for maintenance and repair in half of the time, the actual working time is one and a half years), so the user requires domestic bearings to be used for at least two years.


4. Better Iimpact Toughness

High-speed wire rod mill bearings have better impact toughness, especially for bearings used in roughing mills. The impact load is large during the continuous casting of the billet into a bar. Therefore, high-speed wire rod rolling mill bearings should not crack at high speed and high impact.


In summary, the above are the characteristics of high-speed wire rod mill bearings.


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