How to Properly Cool the Rolling Mill?

Rolling mill is common mechanical equipment. When using rolling mill machinery, we often have a hot and hot phenomenon. This is because the machine has been running for too long. How to cool the rolling mill machine? The following rolling mill manufacturers teach you how to cool the rolling mill.

The bearing lubrication of small rolling mills is also a crucial part in the rolling mill production line. Especially the current types of rolling mills are various. The inverted wire drawing machines can be divided into rolling mills, section rolling mills, steel mills, and strip mills according to the application. , steel tube rolling mills and special rolling mills. In the long-term work of the rolling mill, the bearing part generates a large friction force during the high-speed rotation process, which is very easy to generate heat. Lubricating and cooling and cooling treatment of the rolling mill bearings must be carried out with lubricating oil. Generally, heavy machinery (including rolling mills and Its auxiliary mechanical equipment) commonly used lubrication devices are dry oil, thin oil, oil mist lubrication device; China's lubrication machinery and equipment have been basically available in sets.

The nominal pressure of the thin oil lubrication device is 0.63 MPa; the filtration precision is low viscosity of 0.88 mm; the high viscosity is 0.12 mm; the cooling water temperature of the profiled straightener is less than or equal to 30 degrees. The cooling water pressure is less than 0.4 MPa; the oil inlet temperature of the cooler is 50 degrees, the temperature drop of the lubricating oil is greater than or equal to octave; the steam pressure is 0.2 to 0.45 MPa. However, the lubrication system of the rolling mill must also be installed according to the characteristics of convenient lubrication and convenient roll change. In particular, the replacement frequency of the work rolls is the highest, so the hose with the check valve and the quick joint is used at the oil inlet of the bearing housing. To connect is optimal.

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