New Rolling Mill Projects of Steel Factory of China

Recently, from Hebei province and Shandong province government website, some steel rolling mill project has been approved in 2017.

1. Hebei province

Xinwu an steel cooperation, 1850mm hot rolling mill

Fengning yuanda mining cooperation, iron mine project

Tangshan lixing steel cooperation, hot rolling mill H structure plant promotion project.

Tangshan eat sea steel corporation, yield 3000000T/year, 1500mm hot plate rolling mill promotion project

Donghai special steel, 2000000 TPY 1580mm plate hot rolling mill

Luanxian jinma cooperation 1480mm strip steel hot rolling mill

2. Shandong province

Laiwu steel cooperation 4300mm thick steel plate project

Net steel platform technical reform project

Sintering ironmaking project

Laite special steel cooperation existing rolling mill plant upgrading project

Even though the steel manufacturing industry is shrinking these years in China, but there is steel some new project is upgrading and under reconstruction, China steel manufacture is not as wild as before but it still working in a huge production volume, definitely not stopped.

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