Reheating Furnace ----Part of the Hot Rolling Mill Production Line

Reheating Furnace is critical to rolling mill machine. And reheating furnace is mainly used for heating the billets in rolling mill line. Usually, the fuel of the furnace is gaseous fuel, natural gas, heavy oil or pulverized coal, some burning lump coal, etc.. 

We have different types of furnace, such as Industrial Furnace, Reheating Furnace, Melting Furnace, Blast Furnace, and Medium Frequency Furnace. 

The following items are the detail explanation of the Reheating Furnace:

Billets and Ingots are stacked on the Hot charging area of the plant with the help of overhead cranes.

Billets placed parallel to each other on the CI lines in the furnace are continuously pushed inside the Reheating furnace with the help of mechanical or Hydraulic pusher depending on the quantity.

The furnace is divided into a number of zones (preheat, top-and-bottom; heating, top-and-bottom; and soak, top-and-bottom, east-and-west )depending on the hourly heating capacity of the Reheating furnace for temperature control. The preheat and heating zones combust a mixture of natural gas and preheated combustion

Air with massive burners on the side walls of the furnace heat the billets nearly to its discharge temperature.

Incoming combustion air to is heated before it's fired into the furnace using the heating blowers and recuperator

Computer models calculate the targeted roughing mill exit temperature of the Billet to obtain a furnace discharge (‘drop-out’) air temperature. Estimating the temperature profile through the thickness of Billet fed in the furnace on an ongoing basis, the computer aids the operator in selecting the production rate and zone set-points that will maximize production of Billets uniformly heated to as close to the target temperature as possible

When the Billet reaches the ‘discharge door’ at the exit end of the furnace, and the computer has determined that the Billet has been sufficiently heated, the door opens and the material is drawn out of the furnace with the help of Ejectors. The intensely hot Billet is placed on a roller table which carries it into the roughing mill.

reheating furnace