Roll Adjusting Device

The roll adjusting device is mainly for adjusting the roll position in the housing, to ensure the rolling reduction, precise rolling size, and normal rolling conditions.

There are two rolling adjusting devices, one is axial direction adjusting device, this device is mainly used for adjusting the rolling slot, to make sure the structure of hole pattern, normally its simple manual device.

The other one is a radial direction device, the main function as following:

1. Adjust the distance between the two working rolls center, to ensure the correct gap of rolls and rolling reduction.

2. Adjust the depth of parallelism of two rolls.

3. Adjust the height of the rolling line. 

We will mainly talk about four rolling mills’ radical adjust device, includes a rolling reduction system and wedge adjusting device.

Rolling reduction system is widely used in two rolls, three rolls, four rolls, and muti-rolls rolling mills, divided by driving mode, we classify it into manual, hydraulic, and electric.

Wedge adjust device is mainly working on the working rolls and support rolls wear down to some extent, can adjust the rolls gap significantly, to make full advantage of the rest of external diameter.