Rolling Mill Lubricant Technology

During the rolling mill process, in order to reduce the friction between the roll and the material, lower the roll force and consumption of power, make it easier for extension, better control of rolling temperature, enhance the rolling quality, we need to add lubricant cooling liquid, this process we call rolling mill lubricant technology.

Cold rolling normally uses material from after hot rolling, acid washing, and annealing treatment, use muti-rolling mill (reversible or continues rolling) to roll into thickness at 0.8-0.001 plate, because the cold metal has a very high resistance for reforming, the cold rolling power can reach to thousands of tons, speed is nearly 2500/min, high temperature will occur in this kind of environment, on the other hand, material's extension makes relative movement between rolls and material surface.  

Cool rolling lubricant basic requirement:

1. Proper oiliness, in the high rolling pressure, still can form side oil slick, to reduce friction and resistance, reduce the roll wearing, prolong the life span of rolls.

2. Good cooling capability can absorb rolling heat, can reach constant temperature rolling, keep the stable roll forming, keep the steel thickness balance.  

3. Has washing function on rolls and plate surface, can clean away all of the impurities, dirt of the steel surface.

4. Good physicochemical stability, in the rolling process, no chemical reaction occurs during the rolling, no influence on the physical properties.

5. Good annealing capability, modern cold rolling plate manufacture, in order to simplify the tech process, enhance the efficiency, lower the cost, need to anneal during the process, adopt direct annealing tech without cleaning, this requires the lubricant not to have corrosion if it's on the surface of the steel after annealing.

6. Nice filter performance, to enhance the surface quality of steel, some rolling mill adopts high accuracy filter device,(like diatomite) to clean the impurities away, so to avoid the additives of being absorbed or filtered, we should keep the lubricant high quality.

7. Oxidation stability high, long life span.

8. Good anti-rust property.

9. No irritant smell which is bad to human health.

10. Oil source is wide, easy to get, low cost.

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