Secondary Cold Rolling Characteristic and Requirements

After cold strip steel annealing, then process the secondary cold rolling, is a method of producing a thinner, and higher

intensity plate, secondary cold rolling is a tech that considerate cold rolling and smooth surface, it has a significant 

deformation extent, the reduction rate is normally 30-50%.

The secondary cold rolling plate is normally thinner than normally manufactured plate (0.14mm), because of working 

hardening, enhancing intensity but still has enough extension, it can be used as can material for saving metal, so it also 

has name which goes like economy material, secondary rolling mill performance has obvious directivity, the secondary cold 

rolling plate normally has two types, for drinking can, and can cover and button.  

In the old days, in order to make higher intensity and thinner tin plate, secondary cold rolling was accepted by this industry 

and widely used, it has single rolling mills, double rolling mill, triangle rolling mill, and even five rolling mills, the most 

used are double rolling mills, the first one is for reform, and the second one is leveling, double rolling mill ensures the 

plate structure and also the surface quality.


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