Shearing Machine in Steel-making Industry(one)

Shearing machine is widely used in the steel-making industry, and it’s key equipment in the process of steel rolling. The shearing machine in the metallurgical industry is an industrial machine that cuts metal. The blades are generally pressed down into metal sheets to punch out shapes by the industrial shearing machine. The shapes can be the desired end product, and the waste product, too.

Under the help of much pressure, the metal shearing machine cut shapes out of metal by sharp blades quickly, for example, the flying shear utilizes the principle. Typically, the blades on the shearing machine should be directly perpendicular to the surface that will get punched. Which guarantees an even cut and maximizes the applied force. When operating, some shearing machines look like a pair of scissors. But this kind of shearing machine is less common, for the pressure cannot be evenly applied to the metal.

Generally, the shearing machine in the metallurgical industry can be divided into flying shear, multi-lengths flying shear, cold shear, chopping shear, crank shear and gripping shear. The function of all these shears is to protect the pre-finishing mill and finishing mill by cutting off the rolled piece and stop further feeding into the mill once there is an operation failure.

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