Shearing Machine in Steel-making Industry(two)

The blades that are on the shearing machine should be of a higher-quality metal based on the quality and thickness of the sheared material. For better metal cutting, the blades need to be harder than the material being cut. However, this rule doesn't always apply to all shearing machine, especially industrial shearing machine. Because the cut is very fast and the pressure is extremely high, steel can often be cut by steel easily. Still, special steel or carbide alloys are adopted by some machines as their blades.

Lots of shearing machines cut sheet metal, some also cut other metal forms. Metal bars are the most common metal behind sheets. Because these bars are usually very long, they would be cut into more manageable lengths by the shearing machine for use in other machines. Other machines aim at closely-finished parts; they cut edges to remove unwanted products or stop the trouble from earlier manufacturing processes, like chopping shear behind the track switch. Gripping shear applies the same principle, which is to protect the pre-finishing mill and finishing mill by cutting off the rolled piece and stop further feeding into the mill once there is an operation failure.

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