Small DC Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Introduction and Characteristic

Furnace Introduction

Small DC EAF ( DC Electric Arc Furnace)/SAF can be used for metal and ceramic lab production, which is labor and energy saving, it’s essential equipment for new material development and small production line.

This product is used for refining special metal and titanium oxide.

Structure characteristic 

1. Feeding style

2. Button electrode type: water cooling

3. Use big cable, compensator, copper bar, conducting arm, and short network system

4. 10%—100% lm. Advanced and reliable motor elevate electrode lifting regulator, both manual and auto, arc current range 10%—100%

5. Electrode clamp using a manual clamp, reliable and long operational life.

6. Electrode auto lifting regulator is imported.

7. 380v electricity supply voltage is three phrases.

8. The cooling water system has power and temperature monitor.

Structure Introduction

Lab DC EAF includes mechanic and electronic parts.

Mechanic Equipment

Lab DC EAF is roof feeding, spout tapping, mechanic parts include furnace, lifting, heavy current circuit, water cooling system.

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