The Solution for Slower Start-up Speed of Rolling Mill Machine

The speed at which the rolling mill machine is started during operation has an important effect on the efficient operation of the rolling mill. If the rolling mill machine is slow to start when it is ready for operation, it indicates that the rolling mill has obvious defects in performance, which will seriously affect the working efficiency of the rolling mill. The force between the blank or the rolled stock and the roll also does not reach a good condition.

The rolling stock cannot be fully rolled in the rolling mill. In this case, the power consumption of the rolling mill is several times higher than usual. If this happens frequently, the speed of the rolling mill is not effective when it is turned on. Increasing the efficiency of the billet or the rolled piece will be lower and lower. For the rolling mill machine, if the rolling mill is not capable of rapid overload start, the billet rolling speed will be too slow, and Hani Tech will analyze it. The reason why the rolling mill machine startup speed is slow. 

Before starting the rolling mill machine, first check the motor power, rolling speed, product specifications, hole type process, etc., to ensure that the blank load capacity does not exceed the bearing capacity of the rolling equipment, otherwise the equipment start speed will be slower. There is also a need to check the bearing of the rolling mill to see if the lubrication of the bearing is sufficient. If the lubrication is not enough, the start of the rolling mill machine will be slower or even malfunction.

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