Problems in the Speed-increasing Box of Rolling Mill Production Line?

What are the common problems in the speed-increasing box of rolling mill production line?

In the whole rolling mill production line, the rolling mill is absolutely the most core equipment, so it must have a very high operating speed, as well as the installation of the relevant accuracy, any of the components can not be the fault, the growth box is also important. Speed-increasing box is the most important device in transmission for rolling mill. It will directly affect the production of rolling mill, so we need to pay attention to the changes in its work at all times.

However, in the actual operation process, technical factors often lead to various kinds of faults and problems in the speed-increasing box of rolling mill, such as short service life of bearings, severe wear and tear of bearings on the positioning steps, and serious box-shaped phenomenon in the whole box, the most important one is oil seepage in the box. Once these problems occur, the consequences will be very serious. Among them, the wear of the bearing of the accelerator box is mainly caused by the output terminal of the positioning system. The wear of the bearing is mainly caused by the axial movement of the bearing in the working process, which eventually leads to the failure of the bearing.

The wear and tear of bearing steps and serious deformation of the box are all due to the corresponding rotation between the bearing rings and the bearing on the positioning steps, and the fact that the rigidity of the box itself can not meet the requirements, the phenomenon of oil seepage in the box is simpler, it must be caused by cracks, otherwise oil seepage will not occur.

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