Structural Characteristic of Block Wire Rod Mill Machine (One)

The Block Wire Rod Mill composed by 5 stands ɸ230 rolling mill and 5 stands ɸ170 rolling mill, the strength of the unit is more powerfully.

The unit uses top cross 45° layout, reducing equipment center of gravity height, the increasing of the stability of the unit, reducing the weight of the equipment, operation and maintenance is more convenient as well.

Adjacent tracks are arranged at 90° to each other, achieving twist-free rolling.

Roll box with plug-in structure, cantilevered roll ring, cabinets equipped with an eccentric mechanism for adjusting the roll gap. The eccentric sleeve is equipped with an oil film bearing and roller shaft, fix roller ring with taper sleeve at the cantilever roller shaft end;

Bevel gearbox is composed of box, transmission shaft, spiral bevel gear pair. All gears are hardened grinding gear, axial modification. The accuracy level of spiral bevel gear is six, and cylindric spiral gear bevel is five to ensure the smooth working of high speed.

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