Tandem Cold Rolling Mill Models and the Flatness Control

In the second half of 1994, Sidermar on the1st column of tandem cold rolling mill was transformed into a row of five full mills, and equipped with a pickling line. The composition of its mill equipment, including screw-down hydraulic rack on the body; with the first-axial movement to the middle of the six roll roller mill; rack all the support roll; final axial on the rack mobile work roll. The new tandem cold rolling mill technology and this new pickling line to allow the pickling process, the export size and strip mill flatness of the closed-control.

It contains two straight measurement system: First, the exit of the mill and the other is on a rack between the cracks. Flatness through the traditional first and last a feedback loop between the methods used straight-line model in support of the roll and axial movement set up to control the point. The online model used to describe 6/4 roller mill axial movement of flatness of linear elements, parabolic and quartic equation.

Apart from the straight-degree feedback control and set-up online model, a unique feedback system through the strip to confirm the new shape of the type of rack with the flatness measurement to improve the mill exports straightness. The new systems all have reached the objective of improving the range of products offered by the flatness quality requirements.

tandem cold rolling mill