The Adjustment of Steel Rolling Mill

Before the steel rolling mill is used, the roll pass, controlling plate shape and backup roll should be adjusted according to the requirement; and the fixed position of the rolls in the rolling mill should be maintained. The workload of the roll bearing is heavy and varies greatly, so the friction coefficient of the bearing is required to be small. After determining the product rolled by the rolling mill, the line speed of the rolling mill can be basically determined. The hardness of the raw materials is measurable. The rolling stock of the rolling mill is determined by changing the plastic deformation size.

Usually, the newly installed steel rolling mill has a running-in process. During the running-in process, the rolls are operated in a second operation, and the operation speed is 50%, 65%, 75%, and 85%. Different steel rolling mill models use the rolls with different materials and specifications for different rolling products.

After the steel rolling mill is installed, the gears of the reducer and the gearbox need to have meshed, the rolling speed is too fast, and the torque is enhanced. After the normal operation of the rolling mill for 30 days, stop the rolling mill and check the meshing of the large and small gears, and waits for everything to be normal, the rolling speed can be increased.

Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to adjust the rolling speed. The rolls in the steel rolling mill is constantly worn during the running process. In order to keep the rolling mill stable in the controlled rolling requirements, the roll must be repaired in time, and the rolls need to be replaced in serious cases.

The steel rolling mill needs labor, even the automated equipment needs to be monitored manually in the console. The conveyor roller and shearing machine located in the automatic rolling mill must be strictly controlled during operation to avoid the failure of stacking steel or jamming. If the wear of roll and guide exceeds the specified range, it needs to be replaced.

The rolling of the billet causes the roll to be squeezed instantaneously, and the bearing is subjected to correspondingly high pressure, thereby affecting the product size of the rolled steel. We may also need to make in-depth improvements, but the ultimate goal is to get better steel rolling mill equipment.

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