What are the Advantages of Non-Twist Rolling Mill?

What are the advantages of the non-twist rolling mill in the application?

Rolling mill is mainly for various products, but if you want to achieve good production results, then the type of mill you choose must be fully matched with all aspects, so the ability of ordinary rolling mill must be relatively limited, but after the improvement of the new equipment is different, such as the non-twist rolling mill ! No matter in the quality of the tied piece or the rolling efficiency, there are obvious improvements.

Understand what is the non-twist rolling mill?

What is a non-twist rolling mill, in fact, in the rolling mill set, the use of all-flat layout, effectively achieve the whole line of the non-twist rolling process, to put it simply, this rolling mill in the whole process of rolling, without any twist.

It is precisely because of these minor improvements that the utilization ratio of the rolling mill has been greatly improved, and the overall productivity of rolling mill has been increased. At the same time, the different defects that may occur during the twisting of the tie piece have been improved. The most important thing is to improve the rolling quality.

non-twist rolling mill