The Development of the Steel Industry in China

The development of the steel industry in China closely relies on other industries and shares mutual encouragement with them. Other industries like manufacturing, construction, and transportation have had higher demands for the quantity, variety, and quality to steel materials while they are looking for a leap forward. To meet their requirements, steel enterprises got to have the positive attitude and must seek an opportunity to develop their products like non-quenched and tempered steel, silicon steel, structural steel with fine mechanical properties and other various steels applied to different industries to provide low-cost, environment-friendly materials with high-standard performances and lead their way in the rapid development.

In order to develop cutting-edge products, new treatment process, equipment and techniques are essential. Domestic scientists and engineers have made some major breakthroughs in the new-generation automotive steel, flexible retreat technology for cold rolling and advanced coating techniques and products. These achievements have boosted the development of revolutionary products and China’s national economy. As a crucial premise and foundation, experiment researches can lead to a new process and technique innovation. Hence, strengthening the construction of research institutes and setting up its own hardware, software technology, and product development platform is critical while establishing a combination system of production and research technology innovation. With the application of new techniques, new steel technology and new steel products are just down the road.

With the global competition in the steel business growing fiercely, the market has got higher and stricter requirements towards the quality and quantity of its product. The traditional rolling force calculation formula will fade and replaced by a more ideal design method with higher accuracy -- mathematical models. It is incredibly difficult to analyze the rolling process with all kinds of factors influencing the whole procedure. The application of mathematical models like neural network can deal with this problem. They can predict accuracy and improve the level of production control by quantitatively and qualitatively optimizing the production process to provide low-cost optimization strategies for the steel industry.

As an upcoming technology, soft computation was applied to optimize the design of the rolling system. To solve the uncertainty and ambiguity in practical problems, the combination of human knowledge and solution methodology comes handy, including evolutionary computation, fuzzy logic, neural computation, and probability computation.


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