The Features of Furnaces and Matters Need Attention

It is necessary that explain what is a furnace. According to Wikipedia: “A furnace is a device used for high-temperature heating. The name derives from Greek word Fornax, which means oven.”

Also, there was a popular statement that furnace is a device that used to heat the material in order to exchange their shape as like in shaping and forging or the properties of the material can be changed. These furnaces are mostly used for melting the metals that are used for casting. The furnace can be termed as a type of oven. In addition, it is an enclosed structure inside, which makes the material heated at very high temperature. It can be designed to perform the water or air heating as well as circulated throughout a building in a heating system.

Furthermore, the way of a furnace design like to this has its advantages and features, which is a way to consume fuel and heat as less as possible in a given time that would require low labor cost at first. Second is the apparent efficient features: The amount of heat that is to be given is prior determined to the material. Therefore, there exists a sufficiency in the liberation within the furnace heat the required material. Proper heat and temperature would be successfully transferred from the gases to the surface of the heating stock take pace.

What calls for special attention is that temperature should be uniform within the stock. Making the heat loss from the furnace need to be minimized to the least.

furnace in steel making process