The Main Tendency and Features of Rolling Mill

Since the 1960s, with the development of the iron-making and steel-making technology and the progress of mechanical and electrical industry; with the wide application of computer automatic control technology and the advanced science and technology, the production of steel rolling technology has made leaps in the growth and development. In a word, the main tendency and features of its development as the following:

1. The production process of strip and wire rod is continuous in the recent 20 years and would be more perfect, the continuous tube rolling mill and section continuous rolling mill came into being. And there are new types of the rolling mill was invented such as endless rolling, which is a completely continuous rolling production line. Including electric release ‘fat, annealing, cooling, k and coiling' process of finishing rolling mill line also appeared in recent years cause of the widely applied wire rod mill in cold rolling belt californium and continuous welded pipe, which has greatly increased the production efficiency.

2. The constant improvement of rolling speed and the continuous production process created the condition of increase operating speed. All kinds of rolling mill speed increased, Over the past 20 years. The Current wire rod rolling speed has reached 100meter per seconds, cold rolled strip speed at 41.7m/s, steel tube tension reducing speed up to 20 meters per seconds. And with the development of continuous and automation, a variety of operating speed will be increasing continuously. 

3. Production process automation is improving at all level not only the important factor of production capability increased by technology and science, but also the important prerequisite for improving products quality, labor-saving, reducing consumption. The electronic computer developed after the 1960s has been applied more widely, especially the strip rolling has made the most full use of it. The currently used multi-level computer control system not only realizes the process control and digital direct control, but also make the computer technology applied by enterprise management. Many factories are expanding the electronic computer automatic control technology to the steel material finishing, heat treatment, nondestructive and so on.

All in all, the increasingly large scale of iron-making and steel-making production capacity is bound to expansion the rolling production scale.