The New 140m Laying Head and Increasing Gearbox of Hot Rolling Mills to Iran Customer

Our company, Xi’an Hani Tech Co., Ltd, an enterprise with decades of experience in the business, has become one of the most advanced hot rolling mill equipment manufacturers and exporters in China.

We provide steel rolling mill project solutions for our customers in Dubai, Nepal, Abu Dhabi, Senegal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, Arab, India, Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq.

We provide complete technical details of our hot rolling mill products to our customers. 

Our rolling mills have received compliments from our clients worldwide due to their corrosion & rust proof surface and sturdy structure.

The recently new products for Iran customers are as following:

1. 140m laying head Core Parts.

140m laying head core parts.jpg

2. 140m Laying Head Parts .

laying head parts.jpg

3.The New Increasing Gearbox for Hot Wire Rod Mill Production Line.

increasing gearbox for steel rolling mill machine.jpg

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