The New Method of Combining Emulsion and Neat Oil Lubrication in Cold Rolling Lubrication

One of the key processes in cold rolling is known as the cooling and lubrication process(cold rolling lubrication), it is not only determined the surface quality and strip shape, but also reduced the rolling power consumption, extends the life of the roll even during high-speed operation. 

As we discussed, a new method combining emulsion lubrication and neat oil lubrication was applied to solve the problems related to individual passes. Plenty of tests on stainless steel strips came to a conclusion that this new lubrication method can improve the surface quality of the strip, and control the rolling friction in the deformation zone, and it has the great potential of making lubrication systems simpler, easier to operate, all those while reducing the negative environmental impact from the processing. 

In direct supply lubrication, oil and water are mixed and then sprayed on the strip surface in the inlet zone directly, and there is a separate cooling system, therefore is most of them used for high quality, tinned thin strips. 

Recirculated supply lubrication, as we knew, is mainly used for relatively thick strips and an emulsion sprayed on the roll and the strip acts as both a coolant and a lubricant.

However, in combined supply lubrication, the high-concentration emulsion is sprayed on the strip, and the low-concentration is sprayed on the rolling process. As generally knows, high concentration emulsions are better at cooling. Both of them are circularly used for relatively thick strips.

Although the above two methods have their merits, with the growing consumption demand for different types of high-quality products and the need for increased production, improvements in cooling and lubrication method are necessary and inevitable. So, the new method of lubrication that combines neat oil and emulsion lubrication take advantages of the merits.

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