The Usage and Types of Straightener

The usage of straightener

During the heating, rolling, finishing, transportation process of Rolling piece, because of the external force, temperature 

changes, internal force changes, or some other factors, very easily lead to curve, deform and some other variation, for 

solving these problems, we need to use a straightener to eliminate the stress from both inside or outside, then we can get 

straight final steel, the straightener is essential equipment in a rolling mill workshop, and widely used for other workshops like cars and ships.

The types of straightener

According to the requirement of the final product specification requirement, the straightener style would be the difference, divided by working theory, and application purpose can be divided as the following:

                                                                                        Press straightener

                                                                                        Parallel straightener

                                                                                        Cross rolls straightener

                                                                                        Stretch straightener

                                                                                        Bending straightener

                                                                                        Reverse straightener

Except for the above straightener, there are still a lot of special straighteners, basically with the developing of technology, 

the straightener will be promoted very quickly, for different requirement of the application.