The Use and Maintenance of Roller

The roller is the biggest wearing part, expensive so for reducing the cost, we should carefully maintain it.

1. Full quality test before entering into the workshop

The roller is a high technology, high value-added product, should apply quality test according to the quality standard, test the roller surface, end’s hardness, the hardness deviation should below ±(2-3)HS,apply ultrasonic to test the inside flaws, surface wave for testing surface quality, visual inspection for outside flaws.

2. Regular refacing

We should change the roller regularly for better protection even if the surface is flawless, roller working hours should be 50-100H, the supportive roller should reface after 2000-3000h, for removing the working layer, the remover layer should thicker than the working layer.

3. Use the roller in the right way.

Use the roller according to the guidance, should adjust the temperature to 70-80℃ when switching rollers, the cold roller should be at 30-50℃, should cold down in the water, the roller neck should be lubricated, keep clean, avoid rusting and grinding damage of iron sheet, prevent misoperation and accident.

4. Avoid roller break accident

Breaking down of roller is a destructive accident, there are normally two reasons, one is because of the quality of roller

normally we can find flows in the breaking point, the other reason is from the outside and causes the roller power and 

torque is overweight, we should avoid this circumstance.