Types of Furnaces----Electric Arc Furnace(Four)

Electric arc furnace: 

These furnaces are used to produce special quality steels that are lighter products as reinforcing concretes. Electric Arc Furnace does not use any hot metals as basic oxygen routes. The equipment is charged with a cold material that will generally be steel scrap. Other raw materials include the products from iron ore. Direct reduced irons, iron carbide, pig iron (the iron product from blast furnace) that is cast and is allowed to get cooled are the included products. This process will not be charged directly.


electric arc furnace

The steel scrap is induced into the furnace by an overhead crane. Then a lid is used that is swung into position over a furnace. An electric current is passed through the electrodes that are positioned in the lowered that lower the furnace. Other metals also get added to the steel that provides the required chemical composition. Oxygen is blown to purify the steel and lime in addition to the combined impurities. After sample collection, the furnace is tilted to pour the floating slag on the molten steel. The modern furnace can melt up to 150 tonnes in around 90 minutes.