Types of Furnaces---Induction Furnace (Two)

Induction Furnace:

Induction heating of metal will provide the heat required for the electrical furnace. Induction furnace will provide clean, energy efficient and well-controlled process of melting when it is compared with other processes. In most of the modern foundries use this type of furnaces instead of cupolas to melt cast iron as the former emits lots of duct along with other pollutants. 

The capacity ranges from less than one kilogram to hundred tones capacity are used in melting iron, steel, copper, aluminum, and other precious metals. As the process does not use combustion, material temperature is not higher than the required to melt it. This processing prevents the loss of valuable alloying elements. The induction furnace lacks the refining capacity where the charge materials clean the oxidation products and the known composition. The alloying elements 

may have a chance to lose alloying elements due to oxidation.

induction furnace

The frequency of operation is high and is dependent on the material that is to be melted, furnace capacity required. If the volume of the melts is small then it requires higher frequency. A pre-heated furnace of the melting iron can melt the cold charge by tapping of the readiness within an hour. The power supply range is from 10 KW to 42 KW that melts in size ranges of 20 kg to 65 tonnes of the respective metals. The operating induction furnace can be used by the operators to identify the 

correct operation and its corresponding power level.