Types of Furnaces----Reverberatory furnace (Five)

In reverboratory furnace that is used in copper, tin, and production where a furnace is used to smelting or in the refinement where the fuel is not in direct contact with the ore but the flame that is blown will heat out from the other chamber. The steelmaking is an open hearth process. The roof gets arched with the highest point over the radiation section. This slopes in a downward direction towards a flue bridge that detects flames in the reverberate. This hearth is made to be dense and impervious to meet heavy matte or else the molten metal that cannot penetrate through it. The walls are made of chemical resistive material. The process takes place continuously in the reverboratory furnace. The roof is charged with ore concentration, slag that flows from top to the end of the device. The matte is tapped at regular intervals from the deepest parts of the ore and then gets transferred to a converter where it gets further refined.

reverboratory furnace

Several technical innovations are used in the increment of the production capacity of the furnace. Its basic construction remained as earlier where the permitted higher temperatures that are refined at a faster rate. The smelting in the reverboratory gave a way to newer processes and the use of electric as well as flash furnaces.