What are the Advantages of Rolling Mill Technology for Rapid Rolling of Billets?

Rolling mill is a machine that uses a wide range of components in the industry. With the advancement of rolling mill technology, the production level of the rolling mill has been greatly improved. In the production of general rolling mills, when continuous casting billet is used, continuous casting and rolling, because the continuous casting billet itself has a high temperature, it is not recommended to use the traditional heating process, otherwise, it will not achieve the purpose of energy-saving, production increase, and consumption reduction. Oxidation loss will increase, and the scale will increase greatly, resulting in coarse grains, even overheating or overburning. Since the temperature of the continuous casting slab itself is relatively high, the limitation of the heating rate can be ignored regardless of the thermal stress, and the rapid heating technique can be used for continuous casting and rolling.

The high-temperature rapid rolling mill technology means that the steel billet is heated at a high temperature as soon as it enters the reheating furnace, and the cold drawing machine sets the furnace temperature in the heating section of the reheating furnace at 1050 to 1150 ° C, and the furnace temperature in the soaking section is set at 1100-1200 ° C. This allows rapid heating of the heated billet at the maximum possible radiant temperature, further shortening the billet heating time and the length of the furnace, while further improving the heating quality and reducing the oxidative burn rate, and then performing billet rolling.

Generally, when the regenerative reheating furnace is heated, the reheating furnace does not have a preheating section, and the inverted casting wire drawing slab enters the reheating furnace and directly performs high-temperature reheating, generally above 700 ° C, and the furnace temperature in the high-temperature zone of the reheating furnace can be Above 1200 °C, the heating speed can be greatly accelerated, and the output per hour is greatly improved. When the output is increased, the heating capacity is no longer a weak link, because the rolling mill can achieve high-temperature rapid rolling, increase productivity, and the heating quality is greatly improved. The oxidation loss is greatly reduced, and the energy-saving effect is obvious.

The high-temperature rapid rolling mill technology of regenerative reheating furnace heating and heating equipment is the best partner for continuous casting billet production. The profiled straightening machine finds heat storage by comparing with cold storage or hot charging of non-regenerative reheating furnace. When the furnace is fully hot, it can reduce 25-30%, and 60% can save 15% energy when it is hot. Therefore, fast rolling mill technology can improve heating quality, reduce energy consumption, and improve productivity. At the same time, for the high alloy rolling, the crack defects caused by the thermal stress can be effectively suppressed.

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