What is Cold Rolling Mill ?

What is cold rolling? I believe people who will be very interesting in "What is Cold Roling"?  

If the temperature is below its recrystallization temperature when mental rolled, the process is called cold rolling. Cold rolling is fulfilled by making steel strip through plenty of tandem rolling mill stands. And each one of stands has vertically stacked rolls that are powered by a huge motor to impart high compressing stresses into the strip. Cold-rolling mills can produce various products like the smooth tin plates flowing like water, shiny galvanized plates glittering like mirror and other colorful coated sheets. They can then be pressed into cans or applied on industrial machines and household appliances or even just for decoration. 

What rolling mills do are not just limited to those plates. Rods, bars, wires, rails... You name it. All these productions can be easily achieved just like the plates with rollers in different shapes. With the emergence of new technologies in this field, its not hard for us to believe that the rolling mills in the future will be smarter and much more powerful. The application of those new technologies will lead us to cost reduction, quality insurance and the improvement of competitive abilities.

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