Application Of WEMS System in Iron And Steel Rolling Mill Industry

First. User Requirements

Shandong ** Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is a joint iron and steel production enterprise integrating sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking and rolling.HRB335E, HRB400, HRB400E, HRB500, HRB500E of hot-rolled ribbed bars (including billets) for reinforced concrete, specifications:10mm-40mm. There are 2 1080m3 blast furnaces, which belong to 1# and 2# ironmaking systems respectively. After the field investigation, the user mainly has the following key requirements:

The improvement of the three-level energy metering device and the automatic data acquisition

Strengthening the operation control management of key energy consumption equipment and reducing equipment failure.

Implement information-based management and control of business processes such as energy dispatch and management, measurement and management, energy balance and dispatch, alarm, and treatment of abnormalities and failures in energy systems, and improve management efficiency

Strengthen the statistical work of various energy consumption data to realize scientific and intuitive data evaluation of overall unit consumption of products

• unified and highly automated means of control and platform to improve labor productivity



Second, the Implementation Plan

Intelligent transformation of energy consumption data acquisition device: Perfect two or three levels of measurement, a total of 452 monitoring points.

On-the-spot control system integration: The metering data and technological parameters of the metering management system of the gas workshop and the DCS system of the 2 power workshop are connected to WEMS through OPC to realize the unified regulation and control.

Industrial network system construction: Using Ethernet ring network technology to build a special network system with dual backup function.

The deployment of the energy management center system.

Third, Application Effect

Achieve the collection of data from various energy consumption monitoring points, real-time monitoring of energy consumption equipment operation, real-time alarm, optimize equipment operation, reduce maintenance costs;

9633At the same time, it can realize the energy consumption comparison of the important energy-using equipment, and analyze the chart, bar chart and curve chart to realize the visual energy consumption management.

According to the production planning information provided, combined with the real-time monitoring system of the steel rolling mills from the collection and processing of the energy media performance information, formulate a reasonable production and energy index plan, give an objective analysis of the efficiency of energy use conclusions and scientific guidance recommendations;

Analyze the quantitative balance of energy consumption, effective utilization, and loss, and find out the causes of energy waste.

Information management and control of equipment management, quality management, and operation dispatch to improve the operation efficiency of the production system;

Various types of energy data reports are generated according to the user's required report format, and the measurement time interval can be set freely, and the energy consumption data of the rolling mill machine in the selected period can be inquired at any time.

After one year's trial operation, the economic benefit is 105 million yuan, and the ferroelectric consumption per ton is reduced by 5.6%, reaching about 18.4 kWh, which is close to the industry benchmark value of 18.22 kWh.