Correct Operation Of Heat Treatment Processing In Rolling Mill

Nowadays, the technology of heat treatment is widely used, and all walks of life are involved in it. Of course, for the processed products, it is completely controlled by the safe operation of heat treatment.

1. The equipment must be checked regularly during the operation of heat treatment. Oil and air pipes should not leak or leak, and heavy oil should not be stored at the bottom of the furnace.

2. Always pay attention to check whether the automatic power-off device of the opening and closing furnace door is good or not and whether the traffic lights on the distribution cabinet are working properly.

3. During the operation of heat treatment, such as reheating furnace, electric arc furnace and induction furnace, attention should be paid to the fact that no metal articles should be placed on the heat treatment operation table to avoid short circuit.

4. when carrying out heat treatment, special attention should be paid to prevent poisoning caused by special gas leakage.

5. when conducting heat treatment operations, special attention should be paid to prevent electric shock. The floor of the operation room should be covered with rubber pads, and prevent leakage of cooling water on the floor and other places.

6. In the heat treatment process of the different melting furnace, we should pay attention to some cooling measures, so that the temperature of the quenching oil tank is controlled below 80 degrees Celsius.

Heat treatment is widely used, so it is necessary to understand the safe operation of heat treatment, so as to use heat treatment safely.