High Speed Wire Rod Renovation Project Agreement Signing Ceremony With Iran Steel Company


As the quality requirement from customers is getting higher and the Iran economic is blooming, the steel industry is changing dramatically, manufacturers are investing in higher productivity, and higher quality products, lots of steel manufacture are renovating their equipment or production line, as a leading manufacturer of wire rod in Iran, Our customer is upgrading their product line this year, the first move they are making is the productivity, they investigate for a long time, and finally decide to purchase finishing mill from Hani Tech. 

Project introduction 

The old production line is build up in 2000, after the renovation, the production from 300,000 MPY to 600,000MPY, this project is going to finish.

After two years of negotiation, this project is finally launched this month, our customer wants to make the best wire rod product in Iran, that’s the main reason they find us for the finishing mill part. As a leading manufacturer of finishing mill in China, we always offer the best price with the best quality to the customer, as the steel productivity is moving from China to other countries, our international business is developing dramatically. 

visiting at factory.jpg


Here are some pictures of our engineer and management team visiting customers rolling mill last month, Thanks for the nice reception of our customer, we are doing our best to build up a perfect production line in this rolling mill and offer our best service to our customer.