How To Cool The Rolling Mill?

     Small rolling mill bearing lubrication is very important in rolling production line, especially the current type of rolling mill are varied, inverted vertical drawing machine in accordance with the application can be divided into blooming mills, rebar mills, steel mills, strip mills, as well as specialty steel mill and other mills. When rolling mill under a long time working, due to the great friction generated in the process of the high-speed rotation the bearing part is very easy to heat. So, how to cool the rolling mill becomes a problem we must resolve in time. And that is to say, we must cool the rolling mill bearing by lubricating and lower the temperature and cooling treatment. 

     The general heavy machinery (including rolling mill and its auxiliary equipment) lubricating device commonly used have dry lubricating oil, light oil, oil mist lubrication device; China’s lubricated mechanical equipment basically can completely supply.

     The nominal of thin oil lubrication device is 0.63 MPa; filtration precision low viscosity is 0.08 mm; high viscosity is 0.12 mm; profiled straightening machine cooling water temperature is less than or equal to thirty degrees of industrial water; cooling water pressure is less than 0.4 MPa; cooler into the oil temperature of fifty degrees, the lubricating oil temperature drop is greater than or equal to eight degrees; vapor pressure is between 0.2 to 0.4 MPa. But in the rolling mill lubrication system must be installed in accordance with the lubrication convenient, easy roll change etc. to carry out, particularly due to the highest the frequency of replacement work rolls, so the best way of connection is using quick connector with check valve and hose at the entrance of bearing oil inlet.

roufhing mill running